Our Products

Tai Jeou is an outstanding pioneer in the car care products and industrial chemicals market. Our company owns a complete production line, technology, sales and marketing system to provide required chemicals for various production fields, including industries such as car and motorcycle manufacturing, bicycles, machine molds, metal processing, aerospace engineering, food processing, electric and electronic technology, steel manufacturing, construction, rubber and plastic materials and professional maintenance use.

● Cleaner & Degreaser
● Brake Parts Cleaner
● Carburetor Cleaner
● Foaming choke & Carb Cleaner
● Foaming Engine Degreaser
● Penetrant & Lubricant
● Engine Flush
● Electronic Throttle Cleaner
Oils & Lubricants
● Engine Oils
● Transmission Oils
● Brake Fluid
● Super Grease
● Silicone Lubricants
● Penetrant & Lubricant
● Engine Flush
● Chain Lubricants
  Car Detailing
● Waxes
● Wheel Cleaner
● Tire Shine
● Vinyl Protectants
● Windshield Washer Fluid
● Spray Wax
● Rubberized Undercoating
● Car Shampoo with wax
Performance & Cooling
● Radiator Coolant
● Radiator Stop Leak
● Radiator Flush
● Diesel Conditioner
● Gasoline Conditioner
● Power Boost
● Octane Boost
● Power Steering Fluid Additive
● Oil Stop Leak
● Mold Cleaner
● Anti Rust
● - V.C.I. Rust Proof
● - Film Proof
● Release Agents
● - Plastics, Rubber, Paintable
● Lubricants
● - Super Grease
● - OMC Lubricant
● - PFPE Lubricant
Bicycle Care
● OMC2 Racing Lubricant
● Chain Degreaser
● Brake Parts Cleaner
● Super Grease
● Waxes

Research & Design

Whether you are looking to create a product or have us produce yours, our Research and Development team is well equipped with excellent technical expertise. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to create product in the way you want. Our strict quality control team will work hand in hand with you to assure that your finished product is of the highest quality and meets all regulations.



Distribution and Shipping

We pride ourselves on knowing our customers. With the ultimate knowledge of the Asian business market, we can help distribute and ship your product to the right people, as fast and efficiently as possible. Need your product shipped around the world? Not a problem. We are able to ship to numerous global markets as well. Currently, our customers are scattered all over North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.



Contract Packaging

Over the years we have produced a wide range of products for customers all over the world. In doing so, we have learned that our customers appreciate a streamlined all in one process. We can help you every step of the way. Our research and design department will create or construct your formula, making sure it meets all the necessary requirements. Next, our high capacity filling lines will produce your product quickly and accurately. Finally our sales and marketing department can help you build your brand, and get your product on the shelf.